Untitled - By Raida Naz

Raida Naz is professional henna artist, expert in both Indian Bridal and simple Arabic designs. She started doing henna as a hobby at a very young age, and is a self taught henna artist practicing for more than 10 years now. 

Her major is Business Administration. Currently Raida is student at PCCC and doing henna as a side business. She had put smiles on countless people by enhancing their beauty by her work of art , and this has been her goal of all time.

Henna is basically a thick liquid based plant substance to freehand draw designs on people’s bodies. Raida also uses this to draw on mugs, candles and canvases. Henna has been practised over 5000 years, and it is used for both decorating and medical properties. Mostly, she does henna for celebrating special occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, religious events, beach parties, bridal shower, baby shower or simply beauty purpose.

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