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The Epic of Michael

By Ashely Diaz—

The great warrior who has been present for every battle, has been mentioned only but briefly in the book of life. Many have interpretations of his existence, but those who believe in the one God, ultimately believe in him. Michael, wielder of the sword of truth has slain many enemies of faith. The Lord had appointed Michael the highest rank in the army of heaven. He and his six brothers, Gabriel, Raphel, Uriel, Selaphiel, Ragel and Barachiel are the sons of God, anointed and held responsible for the vault between heaven and earth.

Because of his favor, he was greatly hated by the morning star, Lucifer, an angel of muse with a clouded sense of morality. In attempts to overthrow Michael, Lucifer conducted an army of uncontent angels and sought to conquer the heavens. By his great sword, Michael struck Lucifer’s army down to the unholy grounds of earth.

Running rampant on the grounds, the fallen sons of God grew lustful with the daughters of Man. Lucifer took a liking to a carpenter’s daughter, Lilith, a fair skin, amber eyed, oracle. They immediately fell infatuated with one another and became inseparable. The Lord seated in heaven took notice of the mating of his fallen sons and man’s daughter and grew vexed with the Nephilim that populated the earth. Once finding out that the ultimate deceiver, Lucifer, had impregnated Lilith, the Lord charged Michael to kill Lilith before she would give birth to her son, which would be destined to be pure evil.

In obedience, Michael put on a heavenly cloak made of sackcloth to conceal his wings and disguise his holiness, and traveled to earth.

Upon arrival, Michael sojourned miles of markets consisting of flock and merchants. Days and Nights had passed as Michael searched for a sign from the Lord until he spotted an opal dove with eyes of flame. Surely, he knew this was the sign of the Lord. “The Lord has heard thy call, and has a charge for thee. Seek the blameless bearded man known as Noah. Once you have located him, the Lord will seek you once more, ” the Dove declared.

Months had passed as Michael searched for the man called Noah. Every night, he would dream the same: Heavy rainfall that quenched all fires and an apparition of a bearded man sitting on rock, under an almond tree.

On the 6th day of the 4th month, Michael noticed a fresh corpse lying on the ground. He smelled the prophetic gifting off the flesh and then waved his hand in front of the corpse face and resurrected the dead man. Moving all stiff bones, the man kneeled at Michael's feet and kissed them. “Thank you gifted one! Surely, you are the Lord for you have resurrected an undesirable wench like I. My debt is to you, I shall do anything in your favor!” the Revived Man shouted.

“ Thou is not thine Lord, for thou works in the giftings he has granted thee. Because you are his workmanship, thou serveth thee. In truth, thou seeketh a favor, to interpret a dream,” Michael proclaimed as he helped the man up to his feet.

“ Tell me your dream gifted one,” the Revived Man replied.

“There is heavy rainfall that quenches all fires and then appears a bearded man sitting on a rock under an almond tree,” Michael explained.

“It is clear gifted one, there is a depression to sweep the lands by water and the Lord has charged the bearded man to steward the resurrection of the land once the deed has been completed,” the Revived Man answered.

“Very well, thou must go now. Live on Prophetic one,” Michael said, as he walked away knowing he had to locate Noah as soon as possible.

After walking 100,000 miles in a day, he saw a bearded man sleeping on a rock under an almond tree. Michael ran to the man and shouted his name, but the man did not awake. Suddenly, the Opal Dove had appeared as promised.

“Michael, a faithful warrior is thee, do not wake him, for the spirit of the world must rest to hear the Lord’s charge. As the Lord charges Noah, you must awaken the consciousness of the animals and charge them to aid Noah in the preparement of a flood to come,” the Opal Dove spoke, as his wings burned with a fluorescent hue.

“Alas the prophetic man was right in all his words. I will complete this assignment, holy one,” Michael accepted, as he bent his knee and arose.

After his encounter with the holy Opal Dove, all the animals gathered around Michael to receive his charge. Stretching out his hand, he graced each animal with the strength and intelligence to aid Noah on his conquest. Once the animals fled, a path of flame arose from the ground and led into a heavily forested land. Knowing this was the work of the Lord, Michael ran along the meters of the burning ground.

With caution, Michael quietly walked through the forest and caught notice of Lilith bathing in a pond. Lilith’s body radiated lust. With just one glance, any man became overwhelmed with an irrevocable desire.

Realizing Michael was watching, Lilith walked out of the pond and walked toward Michael. Paralyzed by lust, Michael could not move. Lilith thrusted her leg on Michael’s waist and attempted to reveal Michael’s appendage.

Before Lilith could insert herself onto Michael, the Opal Dove appeared in the sky and spoke to Michael.

“Awake thy bones, Michael! Place your sackcloth on her head and bring her to the heavens to glance on the glory of the Lord. Surely, the great glory will murder both her spirit and flesh.”

Michael quickly took off his sackcloth, revealing his wings, and captured Lilith within it and began to fly to the heavens. His wings were scintillating and captivating. Many people on earth thought it to be a new sun rising, but Lucifer knew it was the blaze of his enemy: Michael. Lucifer and the rest of the fallen angels began to fly with their burnt wings to kill Michael.

Suddenly, the clouds covered the earth and released great rainfall and winds. The moon was commanded by God to gravitate closer to earth causing the oceans to flow on land. Everyone on land suffocated and drowned with an exception of Noah, the bearded man, for he had an arc with the anointed animals who were charged to help.

As soon as Lucifer approached, Michael drew out his sword and began a battle against Lucifer and his army of 10,000 fallen angels. With a great gust of wind, Michael’s sword flew out of his hand and into the water. Lucifer took an advantage and sliced Michael’s arm causing him to drop Lilith from his hands.

Lilith fell to her death and landed on the tip of the tallest mountain. The blood that escaped her head warmed the mountain and created lava. Immediately, the mountain erupted and became a large hole of fire and rock. The explosion was so great that it caused Lucifer and the fallen angels to fall in, due to their weakened wings.

Michael continued to fly to heaven and approached the throne of the Lord. Upon seeing the great face of the Lord, Michael fell to his knees and began to weep.

“Father forgive me! For thou have failed you,” Michael cried.

“Dry thy eyes my son. For I knew the fate of thy mission before it began. Hell has been created and has contained the great evil. Now earth will have its redemption.

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