Three Butterflies

By Yudiria Hernandez—

Do not stand at my grave and cry,

I am not there

I did not die.

I am here.

Like a summer breeze,

That you cannot see,

But feel,

I am always by your side.

I am here,

Always with you,

I did not die.

I hug you in the mornings

I walk with you all the time

I kiss you on the cheek at night.

I see your struggles

I comfort you, when you cry.

I talk to you

When you feel lonely

I am next to you, when you are sad.

I see how far you have come

How much you have changed

How beautiful you have become.

I can see

your smile

shining as bright as a July sun

Your vibrant colors

Reminds me of a rainbow


So full of life

Your wings are spread wide

Ready to fly!

So, fly…

Fly away my three beautiful butterflies.

I am alive

Living in paradise

Where there is no pain or tears to cry.

This poem was originally written and published for the NHE Grant.

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