Better off without you, TikTok

By: Ciara DelValle

I remember the first time I came across you. I was going through tough times, and nothing seemed to raise my spirit. But again, I saw a clip that had been made through you, TikTok, and I just fell in love with you. You can’t imagine how sweet laughter is to a broken soul. You are just wonderful and magical. There are many videos that people make that make life better and sweeter. The dancing and other challenges have made me gather the courage to dance while being recorded. Let me assure you that it is not so easy to get the courage to send a video out there that is seen by all. However, you made it easy for me because I saw others do it and became motivated to do it too. One thing I love about you is the laughter you cause. Oh my! I did not believe my eyes when I saw my neighbor laughing while watching a video through you, yet he is always gloomy. You take us to a world of happiness where we forget everything and enjoy the sweet moments you give us. The laughter makes what seems too heavy to bear lighter, especially in darker times. My challenging moments have been made smoother by you. When I feel angry and not ready to move on, I find inspirational quotes that make the future brighter. Some people share painful experiences and joyful moments, and after watching them, we redefine how we see the world. You have been so outstanding to me, but everything has come to an end. I am still wondering how life will be without you, but it is time we part ways. We have gotten to a point where we are so connected, and you seem to be in control of my life. You might be wondering why I say so. I hope you realize that there are times I find myself doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. For example, how many times have I been awake just because all my focus is on you? How often have I failed to focus during the lesson because am I watching a new video from a friend on you? I feel that sometimes you make me a bad person. You are so addictive, and I must say I hate you for that. If only you were not so good. But trust me, I will be better off without you. Do you doubt that? Just wait and see that I will never upload any video. As a matter of fact, I will remove your application from my phone so that I forget about you for good. I remember the time I tried but reinstalled you after a few minutes. Oh! How you harm me, but I still find myself into you. The charm you have on me will no longer work because I have a wonderful phone that has no room for you this time. Goodbye TikTok. It is my time to focus on myself, and I have found joy in Facebook. Yes, it is old but gold. Bye-bye forever.

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