Dear Pandemic,

By Alexandra Davila

“All I see you do is divide and hurt others.”

This may not be a good time to say this, but Pandemic, there is something you should know. I tried to keep myself together and do what I could to stay distracted, but I cannot bear this any longer. Pandemic, it's about time we break up. For a while this was a long time coming, but I must tell this sooner. I have seen you grow worse and worse each time I heard your name. The first time I saw you, I was convinced you were something dangerous at first, but then I thought it was a joke and it was just another flu, but you had to prove me and everyone wrong and here we are now. All I see you do is divide and hurt others. I do not stand for this kind of treatment, and yet you won't listen. People lose their jobs, people lose their home and food they need, and worst of all, people lose their families. You've done all of this without a care or thought and it makes me feel horrible. The only thing that is keeping us together is my mask, but my mask cannot be the solution to all our problems. Even vaccines don't help you change, and you always try to change for the better, but you come back more arrogant and desperate as always—it's all in your roots. What about the time I gave you and your family time and privacy to move out? What about the time I let you stay home and work in class without going to the bus? I may be thankful to have these opportunities happen to me, but those gestures won't change my opinion about you.

There isn't a stopping point for change, whether you believe it or not. I wanted you to change and give everyone and I a chance, I wanted you to stop being aggressive, I wanted you to stay calm and let the others mind their own business. I missed my opportunity of being a senior high school student because of you, and I missed going outdoors for fun because of you. I need some fresh air and space and apparently that was too much to ask for? I'm not making myself more pitiful to you; you want to play the blame game now? I am not the one you should be blaming, because I kept myself shut and hoped you would be gone sooner, but I was wrong, and I can admit I was wrong. No one had control of this, so it is not all my fault, but this cannot go on any longer. Find someone else you can share your thoughts with because I am done with this. It's too late for apologies or excuses, don't shut me up like you always do with everyone. Eventually, the world will remember you as history, and we will slowly lose interest with our masks for comfort. I won't miss you, but I hope you learn from what you have done.

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