Procrastination, You and I Need a Break

By: Miguel Marin

Ever since I was a little boy, I would finish all of my work right after getting back from school. However, in recent years things have changed drastically. Procrastination, you have crept up in my life and slowly allowed me to fall helplessly into your arms and haven't let me go ever since. I have struggled a lot, but I have still managed to stay responsible with my assignments and all other responsibilities. But in the back of my mind, you're always there, telling me to relax and that there is enough time for me to finish work. This is an abusive relationship that I have struggled to get out off. Whenever I think I have escaped, you pull me back in, and the process of breaking free starts again. It has become a cycle, and I cannot take it anymore. I need you out of my life. I will admit that without you, I would have missed many activities with friends and family, and many things would have been different. However, if this keeps going the way it is, you will be my downfall. All the work I have done, the struggles I've had to go through to get to this point, would be for nothing because of you. You are poison. Curing you is tough, but I hope we will never cross paths again once you leave my life. You say that everything will be okay in the end, but it only happens because an hour before deadline, you leave me, and I have to rush things and work on my own. I have managed to climb to a good place with my grades. Things are going well for me, and I know that sooner or later, you will ruin it all. You will come to me when I'm vulnerable and cause chaos in my life. I should have known that you were terrible. So many people warned me, but I never paid attention. Your embrace felt good for some time, but I have opened my eyes and realized that you were a problem from the start. Look, I know I am being harsh, but I had to let out my feelings toward you. We've had a good run, but you don't deserve to be near anyone. You're a manipulative leech who plays the victim and gets upset whenever things don’t go your way. You have taken so much from me, and its finally time for you to leave. My future will be brighter without you. Things are already complicated in college, so keeping you around will only cause me unnecessary stress. This sums up everything I had stored up in me. All my feelings towards you have been revealed, and I do not need pity or understanding. I want to finish all the essays I was assigned this week and relax during the weekend. So if you'll excuse me, I will be finishing my work on time like the responsible adult that I am.

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