More than you; a whole world of different flavors

By: Martha Nestor

Cold over ice on a hot sunny day, with your fizzy bubbles that just pop and melt into my mouth, at lunch or over a causal chat, Soda you always been at the table with me. I remember as young child during lunch time grandpa would send me to the corner store for Soda, he never had a meal without you. For as long I can remember you always been part of our meals and at table for our gatherings. But at last, all good things must come to an end, because this time it’s not me, it’s you.

Grandpa never missed a meal without having you at the table and I did not understand why. Over the years, I saw my father become that way too. My father would say that his food just tasted better with you. Slowly you came into my life, I was young and naïve. I was always excited to get a feel of your sweet sugary fizzy bubbles that would jump into my mouth.

First, you came around at parties and gatherings, my cousins were always running around in a sugar rush. Eventually, I saw you more often at the table when Dad allowed you, it started off as just a weekend drink, then just a causal afternoon drink. Little by little I saw you more often.

I remember skipping over that juice and picking you first over any other drink. It was just your sweetness, and how you were always around when I needed you. You never let me down not even when you were shaken up and exploded that one time.

But I won’t sugar coat this, you’re the problem. As good as you were you did a lot of damage. You came almost an addiction, you were fun and rush of excitement but always end in a crash. From being a weekend drink to an everyday routine. You just became too needy.

I understand that you may argue that I made you that way, but you made yourself that way. You were too available and yes, I did start to get bored of you.

I didn’t need you. You were just fun to be around. I would pick you and before I knew it you were everywhere I went. Time after time and place after place you were there.

First at every party, then every meal, then you followed me everywhere too. The venting machine at the office, at the store, on ads on the highway, everywhere I turn you where there.

Trapped and overbearing, it almost felt suffocating. I do admit, I let you in but I did not expect you to stay. But you’re no longer welcome. You became demanding, controlling, and suffocating. Soda, it’s you not me. I’m young with a whole world of different flavors for me to explore. You are not the only caffeine drink or the last drink out there.

I’ve chosen you many times before but now it’s time to choose me.

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